Friday, June 11, 2010

vaction, vacation, vacation

We had Oakley's birthday party last Saturday. It was a blast. There were a lot of people there and he got lots of presents. Grandma Shelly took him swimming and he loved it. Oakley didn't want much to do with his birthday party. There were a few intermissions! First, when we started opening presents he wanted nothing to do with it and decided himself he wanted to go take a nap. The party was on hold for an hour until I decided to wake him up again and try opening some more presents...he wanted nothing to do with it. We decided to get the cake part moving so everyone didn't leave before we did the cake or else I would have been stuck with a lot of cake! He didn't want much to do with his own cake either. He wouldn't stick his hands into it so I gave him a fork and he started eating it some. Finally he got into the cake past the frosting and played for a little bit. It was a good party overall. After the party, that night, I got super sick. There were about 3 other people that got sick, then Monday Daniel got sick. It was a rough beginning of the week but towards the end of the week it got so much better! It was a normal week like any other week, daycare, work, school, bed, repeat. Oakley didn't see the kids at daycare too much this week as the provider and her son got sick too! He got to spend 2 days at home with Grandma Shelly--lucky boy. On Thursday my best friend text me and told me she was coming to visit for the 4th of July. We all made plans together-Katie, Dave, Kelly, Matt, Eli, Daniel, Bryan, Oakley, and I are going out to Katie's parents for the 4th to bbq and hang out...should be a blast. Thursday night Daniel and I also sat down and ordered our plane tickets to go see Kelly, Matt, and Eli in October for Kelly's birthday. I can't will be Oakley and my first plane ride! I'm super nervous about that... Daniel is taking my car down to Kentucky next Thursday to pick up his son Bryan for a month or so. It is going to be a mad house with a 1 and 2 year old running around-but they will enjoy each other! Until then I need to sit down, and get even further ahead on my online classes so that when Bryan gets here and Kelly, Matt, and Eli get here I can spend as much time as possible with them! I will get pictures posted from Oakley's birthday as soon as Auntie Deanna puts them on Facebook:)


  1. LOL ate his cake with a fork, so proper! :P that's a bummer he was so tired though! I got him a t-shirt at the beach.. I think I will just pack it instead of sending it! I can't wait to get some kisses from that little boy!! 18 days...

    ps i updated mine...

    pss or pps... deanna is being slow!!

  2. haha. he is a very well mannered boy.. unless he doesn't get his way. he is really good at throwing himself on the ground if he doesn't get his way. of course I give into it.. daniel always says he cries cause he knows mama is going to be right there to pick him up.. its true;) so hard not to though.. im working on it.. daniel always holds me back now. can't wait to see you guys.. you guys won't even believe how big Oakley is.. he is a monster! I can't wait to see Eli:) and you of course.