Thursday, June 3, 2010

Eli Lake*

Pretty much my second favorite baby, Elisha Lake....I really think Kelly, Matt, and Eli need to move closer so we can have playdates...everyday. (that's a hint Kelly) I miss her more and more everyday and the more pictures I see of Eli makes me miss him too. Some say once your graduate from high school and more on to college you forget your high school friends, but Kelly is one friend that has moved away that I will never lose contact with-ever! I can't wait to go down and see her in North Carolina in October. But until then all I can do is keep updated with pictures and texting. Here are some pictures of that beautiful baby boy and some pictures for old time sakes when we were in high school.

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  1. awwwww :D i love made me smile big and almost tear... It definitely is tough being without you since we were together EVERYDAY and were so much alike ya know.. Our babies would be bestest friends! But ummm could you move closer instead? Lol anywhere where plane tickets are one hundred not five hundred dollars! Im so glad you found daniel-you look so happy and he seems like the perfect guy for you..something about them southern boys ;) ..sorry it took me FOREVER to read phone died and i donnt want to text and wake you up...i have to get on the pc tomorrow and look at your page better though because im on matts phone...then maybe i can get create with mine too! Uhh you going to be able to bring oak right?? Ohhh i cant wait to see his birthday party pictures...its gunna be a fun day for you all! My present will be fashionably late.....well off to and miss you! Ps its only like 4 months til october!