Thursday, August 5, 2010


It has been a busy, busy summer for Oakley and me. I finally finished summer school so we have been doing nothing but hanging out. I still go to my day job at State Farm but after that we go home and do absolutely nothing...we both love it! I’m currently in the process of finding an apartment in Minot. Rent is so dang expensive though and a lot of the apartments don’t seem to have a yard; which is a must for Oakley. We spent a few days at the North Dakota State Fair…the first day was a disaster. Oakley got sunscreen in his eyes when he rubbed his arms on his eyes so he was miserable all day. We ended up just going home. The last Saturday of the fair my friend Katie and I took him to get his picture drawn, the lady that drew his picture did a wonderful job. I will post pictures of the drawing and us at the fair. He had a blast. He got to see the tiger show, bought a homemade whistle and ate a lot of freshly made kettle popcorn. The week before the fair he all of a sudden came down with a weird rash underneath his left arm. It seemed to be getting worse so I took him to the doctor. The doctor immediately knew what it was. It was a rare, rare skin disease, something kind of like eczema. It will only occur on one side of his body (his left side). We can’t ever use bleach, fabric softener, bubble bath; his new clothes have to be washed a few times before he can wear them. The rash doesn’t seem to bother him, but it’s there. He has been swimming all summer in the big pool at daycare that has chlorine in it and it doesn’t seem to be bothering him.
He loves spending time at daycare. When I drop him off he doesn’t ever look back at me but I try to get a hug and kiss out of him before I leave. I’m sure he sees me enough throughout the days that he just wants me to let him be. When I pick him up he is sure happy to see me and always runs up to me wanting to be held…love love that feeling! We tried operation no bottle earlier in May but I gave into him. He always knows how to get his way with me. Last Friday was the last day he has had a bottle. We have made it almost a whole week. Last night he seen a bottle though, didn’t cry over it, but signed “milk.” I had to tell him it was icky and he let it go.
He learned a few new words. He likes to do sound a lot more than words though. He can say “moo, quack, vroom, growls like a bear.” He can say Mama, Gma, Gpa, Kitty, Duck, Ball…even though they don’t all sound like that…Kitty sounds like kkkk, ball sounds like gall… He learned to give bear hugs. I would have to say they are my ultimate favorite thing from him. He hugs you around the neck and growls…priceless.

Other than that, we have not been doing too many activities, besides hanging out with each other. Summer just started for me as summer classes are over but I start back up in a little more than 2 weeks. Until then, I will continue enjoying the bear hugs, the cuddling time, even though it rarely happens, and the smiles from that little boy…Only man I need in my life!:)