Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Busy Life

It seems I never have the time to get on here and write. Usually the only time I get on the computer is to do school work. I don't mind that I'm always busy because I'm spending time with really one of the only thing that matters in my life.. my son. I believe that each day the bond between him and I grow and I just can not imagine my life with out my little nugget. The way he understands me and the way I understand him is a bond that I never ever imagined. Some people can look and call me crazy, but Oakley and I have "our" talk...which is all that matters. He loves saying Ma. If I don't answer him the first time he will continue saying "Ma, MA, MAA, MAAAA." I love it...knowing he wants my undivided attention just to show me his toy, his dance moves, or how he just wants to throw the ball with me.

He never likes to cuddle with me, but he definately is a softy. When he gets a "Owie" he comes to me to kiss it. He fakes falling on the ground and fakes cry until I acknowledge him. Some of the things he does just makes me realize how much I notice the little things in life.

For Halloween Oakley was a Everlast Boxer. I couldn't resist saving the costume until Halloween so we put it on the day we bought it. He loved the costume. He went around the house boxing Auntie Deanna, me, and Uncle Ew. Yes, we are teaching Oakley to call Cole Uncle Ew. Ew came up after Oakley was reading his Little Critter Book "Where is kitty?" He seen the Little Critter on the first page and pointed and said "EWWW". It was the cutest/funniest thing ever.

I wish I could write down each and every day the things that Oakley does to amaze me. I try to store them in my head, but with school and work I tend to forget!

For Halloween we went trick or treating in Glenburn. Not sure what he thought of it, but his hands got cold and he had nothing to do with it anymore. We carved pumpkins. I let Oak help me with my pumpkin and also let him paint a pumpkin.

He experienced his first time "working cows". He slept inside most of the time, but when he woke up I took him outside and let him watch. He stood right by the headgate and had his own little stick, and poked the cows to get them to move for Grandpa. He had a blast. If he could be outside all day and night, riding in the trucks, driving the tractors, and playing with the animals; he would be. He loves every minute of being outside on the farm.

I created a video during the time he was napping while everyone else was outside working cows. I still have a lot to do on it. I started my just gathering all the pictures from the time he was just a peanut in my belly to the big 35 pound boy he is now. I posted the video to my facebook and will try to get it posted on here at some point. Homework tonight and more play time with Oakley tonight, so it might not happen tonight.