Thursday, May 20, 2010

Operation: No More Bottle

Today is exactly one week until Oakley turns the big 01… so you know what that means NO MORE BOTTLE. I think it’s going to be a tough process! At daycare he does just fine because he sees all the other little ones with their sippy cups so he wants a “big boy” cup too, but at home it’s another story. Usually Alexzander(Oakley’s 5 month old cousin) comes over to Grandma and Grandpa’s and it is a fight to keep Oakley away from Zander’s bottle. At home he plays baby with me all the time and bawls for his bottle. Last night was the last time he had his bottle…hopefully I can stick to it and not give in to him (he definitely knows his ways with me and how to get it!) I picked him up from daycare and he only had it at nap time with a small amount of milk so that is a start! It might be a tough week, but we will make it.

He is getting good with baby sign. He can sign “milk”, “more”, “call the puppy”, and sometimes he does “all done”. I just have to remember when I ask him if he wants more milk I don’t include the word “bottle” anywhere in the sentence. So it will be practice for both him and I. The only word he has down so far is dada…little stinker. Of course, Adam rubs that into me all the time, but with time he will start saying everything and never stop :)

I found out the only way he will cuddle, EVER, is if he is sick. The other night I was over at my Auntie Liz’s house and I was sitting in a lazy boy chair. He climbed right up in the chair and cuddled with me until his eyes slowly shut and he was sleeping. After going home that night he laid on the couch will me all night snoozing until it was bed time. I loved every minute of it, beside the fact that he was sick. The next morning he woke up and was not running a fever anymore…come to find out he has another tooth coming. He has never liked to cuddle but I enjoyed every second of him cuddling with me that day! My aunt got a picture of it so I will have to get it and post it on here for proof :)

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